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Super fresh, nutritious & delicious


Ibiza Microgreens offer GMO free, locally and organically grown, nutritious and visually appealing microgreens to the beautiful island of Ibiza.

We are a small, family-owned urban farm located in the San Miquel de Balansat region. 


We believe in local food production and healthy eating while minimising food miles and maximising nutrition. We grow microgreens indoors in a completely climate-controlled environment, ensuring fresh micros all year around.


Everything we produce is grown using only organic and GMO free seeds and all natural methods.





Innovative thinking  Vertical vs horisontal

90% less water

In a time where exploitation of land is increasing drastically and where clean and nutritious land get more scarce (especially on a small island), it is time to think innovative.


At our farm we approach agriculture in an innovative way. By growing vertically, we only need to use square meters rather than acers. Vertical farming is a revolutionary and more sustainable method of agriculture than its counterpart as it lowers the requirement of water and also saves considerable space and soil.


We use 90% less water than traditional farming and our urban location eliminates nearly all food miles.


Organic and GMO free seeds • Organic grow methods

We only use 100% organic seeds from trusted and certified suppliers.


We use the organic method for growing but we are not organic certified. Our micros are grown in compost soil, pure water, fresh air, and light. We have high standards for water quality. We use clean drinking water and control for proper pH-value, ensuring stress free growth for our microgreens.


Microgreens do not need any extra nutrients to grow. All we need to provide them with is light, air, and pure water. A recent study has shown that compost-grown microgreens have significant more minerals than when grown in other mediums. Our microgreens are for this reason planted in organic compost soil.

Read study:

Weber C, 2017. Broccoli Microgreens: A Mineral-Rich Crop That Can Diversify Food Systems. Journal: Frontiers in Nutrition, vol. 4.  


Sustainable future • Low-impact agriculture

Local production

In order to change your surroundings, you need to start with yourself.

At Ibiza Microgreens we specialize in growing the highest quality, nutrient dense microgreens that will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

We thrive to set our business model as a sustainable example for our community, our young daughter and future generations. We are committed to low-impact agriculture and our products are free from GMO, chemical  pesticides and herbicides.


Since we try to harvest our microgreens the same day as delivery we can guarantee a super fresh product from farm to table. Going local with your micros also minimises any energy or emission demanding transportations.



Edible Art - colour, flavour texture and nutritional boost.

Microgreens are edible art that will satisfy all your senses. This little vegetable will boost colour, enhance flavour and add texture to any dish, while providing a nutritional punch as well. 

Only your imagination is the limit for how to use microgreens:

• Topping for salads, soups, flatbread or pizza
• Nutritional enhancer in smoothie or juice
• Garnish alongside any dish
• Additional greens to your omelette or frittata
• An replacement for lettuce on a burger, sandwich, or tacos



Super healthy 10-40 times the nutrition

Highly concentrated so less is needed

Microgreens might seem small and fragile, but it is a superfood ready to change the world.


The nutritional profile of each microgreen depends greatly on the type of microgreen you are eating. However, due to their dense source of nutrition (up to 40 percent higher), there is no need to consume as much amount as their mature (full-grown) counterparts.


Several studies have demonstrated the high level of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that microgreens contain. Microgreens are also rich in enzymes, which enable them to be more easily digested.


Best garnish Elevates a dish • Extra crunch

Intense flavours • Beautiful element

Microgreens are often added to dishes for colour, texture, intense flavour and fragrant aroma.


It is our goal to help you provide the finest, freshest, local ingredients to your guests, and to enhance your reputation for uncommon, highly nutritious, and flavourful offerings. 


Minimal environmental footprint Super local

No demanding transportation

Transportation has a significant impact within the food sector, because food and vegetables are often transported long distances which equals to large quantities of emission. The transport sector contributes to approximate 27 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions within the EU countries.  

Ibiza Microgreens offer local production and direct delivery with no commercial distribution chain or refrigerated semi-trucks which equals fresh, long-lasting produce with a fraction of the carbon footprint. 



Below you can read more about a selected few of the micro varities we grow. Click on specific microgreen to learn more about taste profil, what it goes good with and nutritional benefits.

This is followed by a complete list of all the micro varieties we grow today. 


- Grown from 100 %

organic seeds -

broccoli, microgreens, ibiza
red cabbage, microgreens, ibiza
china rose radish, microgreens, ibiza
black oil sunflower, microgreens, ibiza
mizuna red mustard, microgreens, ibizad
ibiza microgreens

Some of the varieties that we grow:

  • Arugula/ Rocket

  • Broccoli

  • Cress - Garden

  • Radish China Rose

  • Radish Daikon

  • Radish Rambo

  • Red Cabbage

  • Red Kohl Rabi

  • Mustard Mizuna Red

  • Mustard White

  • Sunflower 

  • Tendril Pea

  • Nasstartium leaves

  • Borrage leaves

  • Spicy mix

  • Rainbow mix

  • Healthy mix

  • Broccoli/ Red cabbage mix


We keep adding and changing our variety range, so please contact us to know our available microgreens. 




The microgreens are delivered in plant-beased clamshells that are airtight for longer durability.

Restaurants / Culinary Businesses 

We offer our microgreens to chefs, restaurants and all culinary business.

We collaborate with a majority of the islands vegetable distributors, such as

Frutas Palentina

Passion Fruit

Frutas Guerra

Frutas March


Mister Chippy


Please contact us or your distributor for more information on our varieties and prices. 



Consumers - Where to buy on the Island

The microgreens are sold in plant-based clamshells that are airtight for longer durability. Please contact us or talk to the clerk if you are looking for a microgreen variety that you don’t find or if you are seeking larger quantities. 

You can find our microgreens at following places:

Organic farm box

Es Senallo - Finca Can Moreno (orders only, +34 649 199 115)

Santa Eulalia des Riu

Bio Express - Carretera Ibiza-Santa Eulalia km 2.2

Super Can Guash - Carretera Ibiza-Santa Eulalia km 3.4

Frutería Tani Fruit - Es Mercat, Carrer del Sol, s/n

Biorganic Santa Eulalia  - Plaza de Canon

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Can Escandell - Ctra. San Miguel km 5,2

Picadeli - Can Serreta, local 2

Fruteria La Choza Santa Gertrudis - EI-400

Ibiza town

Biorganic - d'Espanya, Av. d'Espanya, 11

Ibiza Passion Fruit - Carrer d'Aragó, 101

Savia Eco Tienda - Carrer d'Aragó, 99


Supermercado Can Pascual - Carrer del Faisa N2

Biorganic Jesus - d'Espanya Av. 11

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Herbolario Semilla - Calle Progrés, Mercado Clot Mares, puesto 49

San Joan

Supermercat Can Curune - Carretera a San Joan km 17

Home deliveries /  Pick up points

We are at the moment working on a booking and delivery service for private people here on Ibiza and Formentera. But until that is up and running, we ask you to simply contact us through WhatsApp, email or contact page and we will gladly make sure that you get your micros delivered to you. 


Please contact us for your order!

WhatsApp: +46 709 901 215 - Tarah (es & eng) 

Landline: +34 871 153 897

Name *

Email *

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Thanks for supporting your local producer! We will get back to you with a order confirmation as soon as possible!


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